9/28/17 – Annual Marco Social Work Conference – Maryland Chapter of NASW

The Maryland Chapter of NASW is having our annual Macro Conference on Thursday, Sept. 28th. Is there some way you could help us get out the word about this? We are one of the few NASW chapters in the country which has a major focus on Macro social work and an annual Macro conference. Information about this conference can be found here:

If you have any questions can be directed to Daphne McClellan, Executive Director at (10) 788-1066 EXT. 16 or

Past Events:

#MacroSW Media Night Chat 2016-2017

Tune in for our once a month #MacroSW Media Night to talk about different social problems highlighted by the press. We’ll feature a video, podcast, blog post or article that features a hot topic. These chats are ideal for class assignment or extra credit opportunity.

Here’s the Schedule:

#MacroSW Organizing Chat Series 2017


As the new presidential administration comes into power, basic assumptions about the role of government in assisting the most marginalized have been thrown into question. Regardless of your political affiliation, social workers should be deeply concerned about proposed changes to social service programs and the government agencies that administer them.

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) has called on social workers to organize, oppose, resist, and educate in response to the anti-social work agenda that is being put forward by the new administration. But how do we actually proceed?

#MacroSW is introducing a organizing chat series to educate social workers on the important role they play in resisting cuts to services and advancing social justice in their communities by teaching basic community organizing skills that will move social workers from an online space to real world action.

About the Host

img_20170120_121533_860Justin Vest is the lead organizer for Montgomery County at Progressive Maryland where he leads issue-based advocacy campaigns and develops volunteer organizers to fight for social and economic justice. He earned his BSW from the University of Montevallo and MSW from the University of Alabama before relocating to the DC Metro area.