The #MacroSW Podcast

The #MacroSW Podcast launched in August 2018. Each week, #macroSW partner Stephen Cummings reviews key points from from our weekly chat, and what’s coming up the next week. In 2019 we are planning to expand the podcast to feature guest expert interviews and other new topics. Got a question or suggestion? Contact 

Our Podcast is available on Spotify as well as the following platforms:

Getting started: Where do I find the #MacroSW podcast?

We are available on this page, where you can play any of our podcasts from our web browser.

You can find us on the following providers. This is not an exhaustive list, but these platforms represent some of the most popular places to find podcasts.





Most Recent Podcast Episodes

Week of June 13, 2019: The FOSTA-SESTA Act
Week of June 6, 2019: Summer Self-Care
Week of May 23, 2019: Open Mic
Week of May 16, 2019: Sex Workers and Stigma, Suicide, and Sexual Violence
Week of April 25, 2019: Sex Work Chat Series – The Fine Line Between Willing and Coerced Sex Work

Week of April 18, 2019: Agency Culture!
Week of 4/11/19: Social Action and Coalition Building
Week of 4/4/19: Travel Social Work
Week of 3/28/2019:  Social Action & System Advocacy
Week of 3/21/2019: Inequality for All Discussion
Week of March 14, 2019: Macro-level licensure