Twitter Chat FAQs

What is the #MacroSW hashtag?

We have adopted the hashtag #MacroSW to organize our weekly live Twitter chats.  It best represents our definition of macro social work practice which you can read more about in our Macro Social Work FAQs.  We have registered the hashtag with the Symplur Healthcare Hashtag Project and you can read more about how #MacroSW is influencing public conversations on Twitter.

How can I best use the #MacroSW hashtag?

Anyone can use the #MacroSW hashtag to talk about important topics, news and research related to Macro Social Work practice.  We ask that you avoid using the #MacroSW hashtag during our chat time as it can create confusion during the chats.  Please be aware that some people may use this hashtag in ways that are inappropriate  during or outside of our chats.  

We support the use of the #MacroSW hashtag in the following ways:

  • To promote the strengths and advancement of Macro Social Work Practice
  • Grounded in the values and guidelines of the NASW Code of Ethics
  • To inform respectful conversation between social workers  

We encourage all users of the #MacroSW hashtag to be familiar with the Netiquette Guidelines.

In general, we chat every Thursday at 9pm EST at Twitter hashtag #MacroSW. The schedule of upcoming chats can be found here.

How can I participate in the chats?

We would love to have you at our chats! Our chatters are passionate about macro social work practice and share their experiences, questions, and resources related to the topic. At the time of the scheduled chat, log on to Twitter and send a tweet using hashtag #MacroSW. To view current chat tweets, search for #MacroSW. Typically our chats follow a question and answer format. Questions are posed by the chat partner moderator and folks tweet their responses. We also bring in macro social work experts to share their experiences. If you are new to Twitter chats, please read this guide about how to participate in a live Twitter chat written by #MacroSW chat partner Laurel Hitchcock.

What if I can’t make the chat or want to read a chat transcript, how can I find them?

Each of our chats is archived using Symplur. You can find the archive for an individual chat by clicking on that chat’s blog post on the #MacroSW blog.

I have an idea for a future chat, or am interested in being a guest expert or potential #MacroSW chat contributor. What should I do first? 

We are always looking for new ideas to improve the chats, and sharing your expertise is so vital to growing our macro social work community. Please email us at to start the conversation! You can also send us a tweet at @OfficialMacroSW.

What if my question is not addressed here?

Please email Karen Zgoda (karen @, our chat partner who helps moderate this web site.



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