Macro Social Work FAQ

What is macro social work?

This short video from Temple University School of Social Work, College of Public Health defines macro social work as a practice focused on social justice, social change, policy and advocacy – on local, state, and federal levels (on international levels too).
A MSW student describes it as working with vunerable communities and effecting change on a larger scale. Macro social workers will see a healthy growth in employment choices in the future, working at jobs with titles such as Community Outreach Specialist, Grant Writer, Fundraiser, Resource Development Director, Community Organizer, or Director of Policy.


Why is macro social work practice important?

Why Macro Practice Matters By Michael Reisch, University of Maryland

What are macro social work practice skills?

“Social workers in macro practice engage in planning, organizing, development, collaboration, leadership, policy practice, advocacy, and evaluation.”

Encyclopedia of Social Work, Macro Practice Competencies


32 skills listed in two columns


Frameworks for Practice: Report of the Special Commission to Advance Macro Practice in Social Work


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