Guest Experts

Here is a listing of the guest experts that have graciously volunteered their expertise in our chats:

Dr. Becky Anthony (@becky_anthony) is an assistant professor in download
the Department of Social Work at Salisbury University.


Mikhail Bell is a digital communications strategist at SCP, where he consults on and develops social media strategies and analysis that set a clear path for implementation.
He has led international communications training, worked for a former president, and started his own consulting practice. Working on the Grand Challenges for Social Work, he has implemented bell-mikhail10-2016social media content strategy for this initiative. Mikhail has co-hosted several #MacroSW Twitter Chats, with Pat Shelly from the University at Buffalo School of Social Work, as well as with other partners, such as the NASW. (10-06-16 “Advancing Long and Productive Lives”)


bohrmanDr. Casey Bohrman (@CaseyBohrman) is an assistant professor in the Department of Undergraduate Social Work at West Chester University.


Sean Erreger, LCSW (@StuckOnSW) is a MentaSean Errengerl Health care manager and a social work adjunct instructor.  In addition to his active voice on Twitter, he runs the blog Stuck on Social Work.



lindagrobman                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Linda Grobman, MSW, ACSW, LSW, is the publisher, editor, and founder of the award-winning The New Social Worker magazine ( Linda has had an interest in connecting with social workers online since the late 1980s, and has published a technology column in The New Social Worker since its beginning in 1994.  She also co-authored The Social Worker’s Internet Handbook with Gary Grant in 1998. Linda was 2014 Social Worker of the Year for PA NASW and was named NASW Social Work Pioneer this year for “…supporting early-career social workers through her innovative publishing endeavors, and embracing technology for social workers—and in the intersection of the tw0.”

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Dr. Jennifer Jewell (@jennrjewell) is an associate professor and Director of the BASW
program in the Department of Social Work at Salisbury University,in Salisbury, Maryland.



susanmankita  Susan Mankita, MSW, LCSW has been educating social workers about technology since 1995. She founded the AOL Social Work Forum, one of the earliest and the longest running online communities for social workers. She connected thousands of social workers there, and later, through These long running online communities for social workers, enabled easy access to support, mentoring and training FOR colleagues BY colleagues, long before the existence of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. She provided the earliest training about the Internet to NASW’s National Board of Directors, and The Association of Social Work Boards before many of them had access to email.  Currently, Susan owns a professional development company for social workers and provides licensure preparation focused on struggling re-takers.  She teaches social work practice courses at FIU. She was the 2013 Social Worker of the Year for both the Miami-Dade Unit and Florida Chapter of NASW.


hamccabeHeather McCabeAssistant Professor of Social Work at Indiana University.  She served as a medical social worker at a pediatric tertiary care hospital for several years before returning to school for her law degree.  She also served as the Director of the Public Health Law Program  and then Executive Director for the Hall Center for Law and Health at the IU School of Law – Indianapolis before coming to her current position.  Professor McCabe’s research is primarily in the areas of public health, health policy, health disparities, health reform, and disability related policy.  She is particularly interested in exploring the effects of multidisciplinary education and collaboration in her work.

Todd Sage, LCSW, LAC

Todd Sage, LCSW, LAC

Todd Sage (@socialworksage)  is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at the University of North Dakota. Todd has 10 years of child welfare work experience in three states and is currently the grant coordinator for UND’s National Child Welfare Workforce Initiative (NCWWI) grant. The grants focus is to address training, recruitment and retention of front line child welfare workers.


sj     Jonathan Singer, PhD, LCSW (@socworkpodcast)  is an associate professor at Loyola University in Chicago and creator of The Social Work Podcast.

Photo of Charles Syms, African American man,standing wiih arms crossed over chest, smiling, wearing white shirt, yellow tie, and eyeglasses.

Charles Syms, LCSW/ACSW, is a clinical associate professor who has been a faculty member in the University at Buffalo’s School of Social Work since 1998. A past National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) Minority Research Fellow, Professor Syms’s current teaching and research interests include the treatment of individuals with substance use disorders, particularly the impact of alcohol and other drugs on people with mental health problems and those involved with child welfare system. He works to extend this education into the on-line environment. (Feb. 9, 2017: “The Opioid Crisis”)




Dr. Samantha Teixeira from the School of Social Work at Boston College. Samantha Teixeira, PhD, joined the faculty at the School of Social Work in 2015. Her research focuses on how neighborhood environmental conditions affect youth and how youth can be engaged in creating solutions to environmental problems in their communities. In order to better address neighborhood environmental disparities, Dr. Teixeira utilizes a community based participatory research approach to identify community environmental issues and learn how they shape life in disadvantaged neighborhoods, particularly among youth. In her work, she uses innovative, mixed methods approaches including photography, community mapping, in-depth interviews, and spatial analysis to uncover the perspectives of neighborhood residents and intervene in community problems.

jimmyyoungDr. Jimmy Young is an Assistant professor in the Department of Social Work at California State University San Marcos. He graduated with his PhD in social work from Virginia Commonwealth University and his MSW & MPA from Eastern Washington University. His main focus is around social work education and nonprofit organizations, and his research is centered on these two areas as they relate to the use of technology and specifically social media.


qqxy63jej1wbboicvseaqjgfudlpzco8xk8t4kinztzczt9u3spkz6_ntkairmetrjjd1x2hwwqnbpuwdgntzwsqrdzil6rglq7ljwleizli08mq1mao-vewikaxgkcdavnmtmgxJustin Vest is the lead organizer for Montgomery County at Progressive Maryland where he leads issue-based advocacy campaigns and develops volunteer organizers to fight for social and economic justice. He earned his BSW from the University of Montevallo and MSW from the University of Alabama before relocating to the DC Metro area.