Chat Schedule

Chats are held weekly on Thursday nights at 9pm EST at Twitter hashtag #MacroSW.

**The Lunch & Learn chat series takes place on the last Tuesday of the month at 12:00 PM EST.

September 2018

October 2018

  • 10-4 We are partnering with NASW for this chat: The Color of Youth Transfer: Policy and Practice Recommendations
  • 10-11 Medicare Open Enrollment: Programmatic and Policy Concerns w/ Guest Expert Louanne Bakk, PhD. Director, @UBSSW DSW Program @BakkLouanne
  • 10-18 Recognizing the Power of the Disability Vote w/ Host @VilissaThompson and Guest Expert Sarah Blahovec @Sblahov
  • 10-25 How Voter-Friendly is your Community? w/Host Rachel L. West and Guest Expert Tanya Smith
  • **10-30 Lunch & Learn Series: Making the Most of Your Field Placement w/Host Karen Zgoda @karenzgoda and Guest Expert Nicki Sanders, MSW @PkgdForSuccess

November 2018

  • 11-1
  • 11-8      CSWE 2018 Chat!
  • 11-15    #MacroSW Research Update, with @karenzgoda and @spcummings
  • 11-22    Thanksgiving, no chat
  • **11-27 Lunch & Learn Series: Job Search Tactics for Macro Social Workers w/Host Rachel L. West @poliSW
  • 11-29 Thoughts on a Macro-Focused DSW Program Hosted by Sunya Folayan w/guest expert Chris Petr, Ph.D.

December 2018

  • December 2018 through January 24, 2019 WINTER RECESS

January 2019

  • 1-31 Social Action 105: Locality Development w/ host Rachel West @poliSW

February 2019

  • 2-7 A Day in the Life of a Macro Social Worker with Greer Hamilton, MSW, Community Impact Coordinator
  • 2-21 Public Transit as a Human Right w/Host Pat Shelly @ubssw and Guest Expert Holly Nowak from the Coalition for Economic Justice
  • 2-28 Social Action 106: Social Planning & Policy Change w/Host Rachel L. West @poliSW

March 2019

  • 3-7 Drug Policy w/Host Stephen Cummings @spcummings with Guest Expert: Dr. Sheila Vakharia @MyHarmReduction
  • 3-14 Social Action 107: Social Action & system Advocacy w/Host Rachel L. West @poliSW
  • 3-21 Licensing at the Macro Level: Purpose, curriculum influence, goals w?Host Stephen Cummings @spcummings
  • **Lunch & Learn Series: Macro-based licensing w/Host Stephen Cummings @spcummings
  • 3-28 Social Action 108: Coalition Building w/Host Rachel L. West @poliSW

April 2019

  • Coming Soon

May 2019

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June 2019

  • Coming Soon

July 2019

  • Summer Recess

August 2019

  • Summer Recess