Advocacy and Social Media: From Keyboard to Action

Over the last few years, we have seen a rapid growth of social/ grassroots movements that have flourished thanks to a strong social media platform. Some examples are the #BlackLivesMatter #WomensMarch movements.

While we have made great advances and outreach thanks to the far reach of technology and social media, we also need to evaluate how effective that tweet or post truly are if at the end of the day we just sit on it and never put it into action. During this chat we discussed ideas for a call to action and a impactful advocacy plan.

Discussion Questions for Chat

Q1- Have you personally been encouraged and motivated to get involved in social issues and movements thanks to their strong social media presence? If yes, which ones?

Q2- From your experience, what would be the top 2 most effective strategies to motivate people to join a movement? For me, statistics that are also tied to personal stories.

Q3- Engaging in social movements online is great to gain supporters, but it is only the first step, we also need to act on it! What would be a good call to action for an advocacy campaign?

Q4- Technology has revolutionized the way we do community organizing and activism. But keyboards without action are rarely effective. Do you believe “online/keyboard activism” has given people a false sense of impact?


Nine Advocacy Question

Imelda Ojeda is a social worker, immigrant, and community servant with years of experience working in the social and behavioral health systems. She received a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a double Master’s degree in Social Work and Public Administration from Arizona State University. Imelda currently works for a national children’s non profit as regional Development Director, is also an instructor at ASU School of Social Work and the founder of a grassroots network for social workers in Arizona.

Imelda strives daily to uplift and support the community through volunteering, mentorship, and organizing social justice efforts. 

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