Get Talking: How to Advocate via Podcast & Interviews

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Listen to the latest episode of the #MacroSW Podcast which provides information on using podcasts and interviews for advocacy.

#MacroSW Podcast: Podcasts for Advocacy

Chat Questions:

Q1: What social work related issues would you like to see get more attention in the media?

Q2: Expertise has a way of creeping up on us- through jobs, supervision, continuing ed. We become knowledgeable in our field. Even in our field placements, we are adding skills & knowledge. What are ways you have shared your expertise? Did you feel comfortable doing so?

Q3: Podcasts and interviews are a way to share that expertise. Focusing on podcasts, what is your favorite podcast and why? It doesn’t have to be social work related. Listening to and critiquing other podcasts can help you with your own public speaking. 

Q4: Knowing your audience is critical, as is getting your message out in a clear and concise way. If you created a podcast today, what would the main goal/theme of the podcast be and who would your target audience be? 

Q5: For those who have done podcasts (either as a guest or host), what were the benefits/challenges? For those who want to create a podcast or be interviewed, what excites you or makes you nervous?

Q6: Challenge time! What is one activity you will do this year that gives you the opportunity to share content you know with a larger audience (i.e. write an op-ed, start a blog, sit on a panel, be interviewed, create a podcast!)? 

Podcast Host Alyssa Lotmore
Chat host – Alyssa Lotmore

Alyssa is employed at the University at Albany’s School of Social Welfare, where she earned her BSW and MSW degrees. In addition to her main role working as the Assistant to the Dean for Communications and Engagement, she has been co-hosting The Social Workers Radio Talk Show on the University’s FM radio station (WCBD 90.9 FM) since 2013 (Twitter – @socialworkersfm). She also hosts our podcast – The #MacroSW Podcast!

Alyssa created the course Media Savvy Social Work, which allows students hands-on practice in using the medium of radio for advocacy. She has given multiple presentations on the topic, including at the National Association of Social Workers National Conference in Washington, DC. Through all of her projects, her focus is on seeing the public as client, and using different forms of media to reach individuals who may never has considered seeing or using a social worker. As social work professionals, she believes that we need to be media savvy in sharing our expertise and raising awareness about issues that we care about.

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