Social Workers: Share YOUR platform and Day One actions as the newly elected president of the United States of America

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It’s been a tough four years. Many are exhausted with the stress associated with the political and divisive nature of politics-and next week we may have the final results of our national election, In the meantime, it might be nice to have a change of pace and discuss the possibilities of running the nation from the eyes of the social work profession. How might we make things better?

Social Workers are naturally curious about the world we live in and we actively strive to make our society better. Our professional knowledge base, values, critical thinking, adaptive skills, and evidence-based practice tool chest make us hard-wired for political action. Even our professional code of ethics implores us to mobilize into active political involvement: Standard 6.04(a) of the NASW Code guides social workers to participate in social and political action β€œto ensure that all people have equal access to the resources, employment, services, and opportunities they require to meet their basic human needs and to develop fully.” Some degreed social workers like Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA 13th District), Campaign fixer Kate Coyne-McCoy,  and former Senator Barbara Mikulski (D – MD) have had visible and notable careers in public office. While more women, are being groomed for positions in office, we need the voices of social workers with diverse life experiences in active political service, and more of us should run for office.

Currently, 0ur nation is deeply divided, and the wealth and opportunity gap is growing for many Americans. We are living in our homes isolated in silos due to a pandemic like none seen in 100 years. Many of our friends and neighbors are living on diminished wages, sharing resources with children schooled at home, and uncertainty for some revolve around access to health care, food and mental health treatment. The problems of this nation are complex, and the solutions for the nation’s problems are multi-faceted, contextual, historical… global and urgent. We need a social worker in the oval office.

For this week’s chat, we invite you to consider the platform you believe the nation needs at this time, and the actions you would take on January 20, 2021 as president if you were sworn in to this nations’s hightest office. What would YOUR first day’s initiatives be? Join us this Thursday at 9:00 pm EST to share your ideas, imagine, and dream of how you as a social worker can make a difference.


What are the knowledge and skills social worker posess that would serve the nation from the Oval Office?

What would be the essential componets of your platform?

What actions would you take on your FIRST DAY of office to set the tone for your presidency?


National Association of Social Workers-Code of Ethics

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