Social Workers as Activists and Advocates. #MacroSW 10/22

The social work profession is evolving, growing, and in some way going back to its roots of activism and advocacy. Even in our roles as clinicians and micro practitioners, advocating for justice and equal rights for the people we serve should be at the top of our list. 

Words like activism and advocacy can feel overwhelming, specially when our plate is already full. But advocacy looks different for everyone, and the key is to find something that works for you and and identify areas where you feel your skills and knowledge can make a macro impact. The important thing is to start somewhere, so we challenge you to choose one thing to get involved in and make a plan to make it happen. 

Questions to discuss during chat: 

  • Advocacy looks different for everyone. As a social worker or SW student, what activities are you currently involved in to promote advocacy? 
  • Before getting involved with a board or committee, always make sure the expectations and responsibilities are clear from the beginning. What are some important things to keep in mind when applying for a board/committee? 
  • Voting and encouraging others to vote is one of the most important ways we can encourage social activism. Have you voted yet during this election? What has been your experience so far? 
  • Change begins at the grassroots level and in our own community.. are you ready? What next step can you commit to take to advance social justice and equity? 


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Engaging Social Workers in Activism. Where to start?

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Imelda Ojeda, MSW, MPA

Imelda is a social worker, immigrant, and community servant with years of experience working in the social and behavioral health systems. Imelda currently works for a national children’s non profit as regional Development Director, is an instructor at ASU School of Social Work and the founder of a grassroots network for social workers in Arizona. Imelda strives daily to uplift and support the community through volunteering, mentorship, and organizing social justice efforts. 

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