What’s My Lane: Why Local Elections Matter: #MacroSW 9/17 @ 9PM EST



While policy discussions often focus on decisions made in Washington, D.C., local and state governments play huge role in making decisions that affect each one of us on a daily basis—from education and health care to public transit and housing. That ballots we fill out determine who will decide how much money our local schools will receive, whether our highways and roads are maintained, and how public transportation works in our community.

Click here or listen below to the latest episode of the #MacroSW podcast for a little background as to why local elections matter.

#MacroSW Podcast – Why Local Elections Matter

Chat questions:

Q1: Everyone talks about the election that happens every 4 years, but there are multiple elections that happen every year in your community that impact you directly. What are some areas that your local government controls and manages?

Q2: If we know that local elections have a huge impact on our day to day life, and that some elections are decided by a matter of a few votes, why is voter turnout so much lower than the Presidential election and how can we change that?

Q3: Letters to the editor, meeting with your representative, sitting on your library, school, or water board. What are other ways you can get involved at the local level?

Q4: Post card writing campaigns. Sign and sips where you have wine (or soda!) and write post cards to legislators with friends. What are some fun and creative ways to get others involved?

Q5: What are some GOTV resources or ways that we can be informed and involved as we approach the upcoming election? 

Chat Host: @AlyssaLotmore

Alyssa is employed at the University at Albany’s School of Social Welfare, where she earned her BSW and MSW degrees. In addition to her main role working as the Assistant to the Dean for Communications and Engagement, she has been co-hosting The Social Workers Radio Talk Show on the University’s FM radio station (WCBD 90.9 FM) since 2013 (Twitter – @socialworkersfm). She also hosts our podcast – The #MacroSW Podcast!

Alyssa created the course Media Savvy Social Work, which allows students hands-on practice in using the medium of radio for advocacy. She has given multiple presentations on the topic, including at the National Association of Social Workers National Conference in Washington, DC. Through all of her projects, her focus is on seeing the public as client, and using different forms of media to reach individuals who may never has considered seeing or using a social worker. As social work professionals, she believes that we need to be media savvy in sharing our expertise and raising awareness about issues that we care about.

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