Nonprofit Fundraising in the Time of COVID-19 – #MacroSW 4/30 at 9pm EST #SWcovid19


Imelda Ojeda, MSW, MPA

Imelda Ojeda
Imelda Ojeda, Chat Contributor

Chat transcript

Imelda is a community social worker in Phoenix, Arizona where she serves as the Southwest Regional Development Director for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Imelda also serves in various local nonprofit boards leading advocacy, volunteer recruitment, and fundraising efforts.

Most nonprofit organizations rely heavily on development and fundraising activities, this includes peer to peer engagement, grant acquisition efforts, and in-person events, just to name a few.  In order to follow social distancing and COVID-19 health guidelines, nonprofit organizations have been challenged to make drastic changes to their strategic plans in a very short period of time. 

COVID-19 has pushed all of us to think outside the box. How can nonprofit organizations continue engaging donors, when social distancing protocols prevent us from fully executing campaigns? During our #MacroSW chat, we will discuss and share ideas on how to continue promoting the important mission of our nonprofit organizations, while also being sensitive to the needs and challenges of our donors and community.

Here are the questions we will discuss:

  1. How can I be sensitive to people’s experiences and struggles during this crisis, while also advocating for the mission of my organization?
  2. What are my options if I have an upcoming gala or fundraising event?
  3. How can we cultivate partnerships and sponsorships when we can’t gather in groups?
  4. How can we remain optimistic and engaged in our efforts as an organization, when the future is so uncertain?
  5. How can I keep my donors engaged?

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