Challenges of Social Work Managers 4/2/2020

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It has been said that the field of social work management, like many other institutions, is experiencing a leadership gap due to population, cultural and demographic shifts as well as a lack of preparation for future leaders. As a result, the Network for Social Work Management composed a document of competencies to assist in leadership development and in social work and human service agencies. Four domains Executive Leadership, Resource Management, Strategic Management, and Community Collaboration serve as a framework to organize thought and to describe necessary and desirable skills to effectively manage both public and private human service organizations. Each domain is a world of behaviors and aspirational concepts that combine to make a relevant flexible document that can meet the evolving needs of managers as well as the social work profession.

One of the most important skills for all leaders is the ability to step back and engage in critical self-assessment. In addition, managers need to be able to obtain feedback about their performance as peers, and supervisors. What are the barriers and challenges to this?

With today’s changing times and increasing societal and global stressors, social work managers are facing more challenges than ever. What are your thoughts on the subject?

Give an example of leadership from any of the 4 domains of management? How do you define leadership and the particular role of a social work manager? What challenges are of concern? What do you find hopeful and inspiring about today’s leadership opportunities?

Download your copy of the Social Work Management Competencies here:

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