Standing Up: A conversation about our profession during Social Work Month

MacroSW - Sept 2018

Chat transcript

Happy Social Work Month! Social Workers stand up in many ways… from ensuring that those who need physical and/or mental health services get the care they need to working with local, state, and national government to provide services and pass legislation that will help the most vulnerable. There are many ways that we, as individuals in this profession, stand up. With March being Social Work Month, it is a good time to reflect and discuss what led us to this profession, what we are standing up for, and what work we feel still needs to be done. 

Chat Questions:

Q1: Happy Social Work Month! What led you to the social work profession?

Q2: The NASW Social Work Month theme is ‘Social Workers: Generations Strong’ so let’s briefly look back at our profession’s history. How has the social work profession positively impacted our society? (Share examples of people, events, etc.).

Q3: No matter where you are in your social work journey, how has your view of social work and the work that we do grown and evolved?

Q4: The issues social workers address and the populations we work with are broad. What are current areas/issues that you want to raise more awareness about and make change?

Q5: You named the area you want to stand up for right now. What are ways that we, as social workers, can join and stand up with you? (feel free to share resources, article links, etc.)

Q6: Let’s all leave with a message… “I am a social worker and I stand up for XXX” (insert a word or sentence that captures what you are standing up for as a social worker).

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