Apology Statement

Dear #MacroSW Community:

This weekend has brought a great deal of reflection and conversation amongst our group about white supremacy in social work and #MacroSW’s role in perpetuating racism. We are offering a heart-felt apology for any harm we caused in the article published in the New Social Worker Magazine and our lack of quick responsiveness to address the topic of white supremacy sooner.

The white members of our group accept the fact of our white privilege and acknowledge the countless ways it is used to aggress against anyone without it. We don’t offer any excuses or rationale for our role in alienating people of color or causing them to feel alienated or as if they can’t readily engage in the #MacroSW community or Twitter chats. We are individuals coming together to promote unity in our profession. Each of us has our own journeys, challenges and places of learning, and we are each works in progress with the desire and ability to come together from a better place. That makes our collective work stronger.

We are committed to learning from this experience and working to grow a more inclusive #MacroSW community. We are committed to confront white supremacy in our work. In moving forward, we will approach our work with an even greater degree of humility.

Here is our initial plan for moving forward.
Incorporate a lens and discussion of white supremacy in all of our chats moving forward.
White partners commit:
-to work personally and collectively to relinquish privilege;
-to undergo further training to strengthen our antiracism skills;
-to ongoing attention to and education about white racism.

Working with our #MacroSW community to build a freely available Decolonizing Social Work Education syllabus.
Partner with other social work education organizations to decolonize social work education on an ongoing basis.
Dedicated chat topics on white supremacy in social work practice on 4/9 and decolonizing social work from a field education perspective on 2/27.

We welcome your input, we are listening, and again we do want to grow from this experience. Please feel free to email us at officialmacrosw@gmail.com for questions and concerns. Thank you.



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