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By Rachel L. West, LMSW

Earlier this year we launched a Patreon page. Contributions enable us to cover basic operational costs such as accountant fees and website maintenance. In other words, your support helped us to keep the lights on. We are truly appreciative of the patrons who have supported us over the past year.

As another year draws to a close we are again taking stock of where we have come from and where we are headed. We have a lot of ambitious and exciting plans for #MacroSW. I’d like to share some of those plans with you:

Continuing Education

We’re working on becoming a continuing education provider. Many of you have probably experienced the frustration of not being able to find CE offerings that cover macro practice topics. Offering courses that focus on macro practice is a goal that we have had for a long time. We will be pursuing this as we move into the new year.

An Online Conference

Traditional conferences can be costly both from a financial perspective and in terms of environmental impact. #MacroSW has plans to organize a conference that is entirely online.


Carrying out research is an activity that #MacroSW has been laying the foundation for since the chats were established back in 2014. In the new year, #MacroSW partners Karen Zgoda and Stephen Cummings will host a chat on # MacroSW’s first research project. #MacroSW: An Analysis of Chats on Macro Social Work Practice will examine what social workers are talking about on Twitter.

We Want to Hear from You

Starting in 2020 we will hold two conference calls a year for #MacroSW chat participants. Attendees will be able to provide feedback on the chats and will get a better understanding of what goes into putting a chat together. Check the blog and #MacroSW social media accounts for details in January.

Expanding the Podcast 

The #MacroSW podcast is a year old. Starting out the episodes focused on topics from that week’s chat and highlighted key tweets from participants. In 2020 host Stephen Cummings will feature guests studying and working in the field of macro social work. If you’re interested in being interviewed email us at or DM us on Twitter or Facebook.

Generate More Educational Content

Starting in 2020 the #MacroSW blog will expand to include more content. For the most part, we have used this blog to publish chat announcements and chat transcripts. In 2020 we are aiming to provide more content including interviews, content about movements and macro related events. We are also doing the groundwork to publish more educational materials including fact sheets and position papers.

Grassroots Organizing & Lobbying

One of our long term goals is to carry out grassroots organizing and lobbying on issues impacting the social work profession as well as social justice issues. We are working on building an infrastructure that will enable us to carry out this work.

All of this is to say that your support is very much needed. We have improved our offerings on Patreon and added new tiers. This is what they look like:

Friends of #MacroSW $2.00 per monthglossy sticker screenshot

Undying gratitude for supporting #MacroSW! Patrons will get a #MacroSW sticker plus a digital booklet on specific macro topics 4 times a year.



Swag $5.00 per month

#MacroSW digital downloads plus booklet! You will get a handcrafted digital image twice a year as well as a quarterly digital booklet on the hottest macro social work topics.

Listener $10.00 per monthLogo T_shirt Screenshot

Early access to the #MacroSW podcast! We are integrating this podcast with our #MacroSW playlist. As an additional thank you, you will receive an official #MacroSW t-shirt.


Influencer $20.00 per month

Opportunity to select a #MacroSW chat topic or podcast, write a post on our blog, or even run a #MacroSW chat! All content must be approved by a majority of #MacroSW chat partners. You will also be gifted a #MacroSW travel mug.

Super Supporter $30.00 per month

Exclusive Q&A session with the Partners on varies macro topics. You will also get a glossy sticker and quarterly downloads to booklets on the latest macro social work topics.

Legacy Builder $40.00 per month

You will be given a shout out on #MacroSW’s Twitter & Facebook pages. Additionally, you will receive a #MacroSW travel mug and a digital booklet on the latest macro practice topics.

Institutional supporter $150.00 per month

As thanks for your organization’s support you will receive institutional access to partner Q&A sessions, acknowledgment on our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as the blog. You will also get ad space in the newsletter and quarterly booklets.

New patrons and existing patrons who increase their giving between December 12th and January 2nd will get free registration to the Job Search for a Macro Social Worker webinar. You can become a patron by clicking here.

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