11/7/19 #MacroSW Gearing up for 2020

Chat transcript

With the 2019 General election behind us and the 2020 Presidential election is a year away, let’s talk about access to voting. This week’s #MacroSW Twitter chat will focus on fighting voting suppression and the role we play as social workers.

Chat co-founder and #MacroSW partner Rachel L. West (@poliSW) is hosting. Chat starts at 9:00 PM EST.


Q1: What activities have you participated in to fight voter suppression? Feel free to promote any projects/orgs you represent that are tackling this.

Q2: What resources do you feel are needed to effectively advocate for fair voting laws? (what do you think is needed but is missing)

Q3a: What policies make registering and voting easier?

Q3b: What can you do to advocate for those policies?

Q4: How can we go about getting agencies involved in voter registration efforts?

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