10/31/19 #MacroSW, Inc.: Looking Forward.

Chat transcript

#MacroSW has been holding chats for several years now. We’ve gone from monthly scheduled chats to weekly chats. We’ve aligned with Macro-focused organizations while maintaining independence, engaging with social work practitioners, educators, and students. Last year, we incorporated, becoming a Benefits Corps. We hope to expand to new areas, in order to reach more people interested in engaging, supporting and promoting macro-level social work education and practice.

Join us 10/31/19 night for a look at the past, present, and future of MacroSW, Inc. Partner Rachel L. West @poliSW will host.

Topics we’ll focus on for this chat:

The history of #MacroSW chats.  How has this chat structure changed over the years?

The structure of our organization. What are we, exactly? What’s a Benefit Corp?

Upcoming projects and events. What are we up to? What’s on the horizon?

Mid-term and long-term projects. Beyond this year, what is the vision for MacroSW, Inc?


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