#MacroSW Chat 10/17/2019: Personal Brand and Politics

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Chat transcript

A personal brand is what people think and feel when they hear your name. But what do people think about you when you start talking about politics? Today, our nation is polarized and political discussion has damaged relationships and changed how we feel about our neighbors, family, and colleagues.  It can be tricky for social workers to balance a personal brand with politics since social work and political engagement are intertwined with our mission.

Join us on Thursday, October 17 at 9 p.m. Eastern (6 p.m. Pacific) for the #MacroSW chat, Personal Brand and Politics, to discuss how social workers can stay true to their values and manage a personal brand.  

First, you will need to identify your attributes (values, strengthens, challenges, skills, passions, etc), clarify your goals, and understand your audience and what problem you are solving for them to determine how politics fits in within your brand. Next, how and to whom you communicate your brand creates an enduring perception. Most importantly be authentic and true to yourself.

Questions/discussion points we will explore:

  1. What you need to know about your brand before diving into political activism.
  2. How can you talk about politics and manage your brand?
  3. What factors play a role in how and if you should engage in politic discussion and/or activities?
  4. How can you keep politic debate from devolving into angry discourse?

As our nation faces the impeachment of President Trump and another election year is on the horizon, engagement in the political arena has gone beyond a difference of opinion and become a fight for democracy and social justice. Social workers will continue to be a key part of the political process in our quest as America citizens for a more perfect union.


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