Self-Care During the Summer Season: #MacroSW Chat for June 6, 2019

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Chat transcript

Join Vilissa Thompson  @VilissaThompson for this relaxed and easy-going chat on Self-care for the Summer Season!

Share your own “best practices” for having a less-stressed summer.  No matter where you may roam, self-care can follow.

Questions we’ll be covering during the chat:

Q1:  How have you been practicing self-care so far this year?  #MacroSW

Q2:  How do you incorporate self-care in your professional work?  #MacroSW

Q3:  Summertime means many are looking to unwind and have fun.  What trips, activities, events, etc., are on your summer bucket list?  #MacroSW

Q4:  What advice would you give new social workers about practicing self-care & its importance?  #MacroSW

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