The Hard Truth about Multi-level Marketing for Social Workers

Llunch and learn 4-30-2019At some point in time, you have likely received a sales pitch about a multi-level marketing (MLM), direct sales or marketing business opportunity.  The pitch varies, but the language almost always  includes touting the benefits of being one’s own boss, working from home, and making lots of money and friends at the same time. While this may sound appealing on paper- what are the realities? What are the pros and the cons of such endeavors? Are these truly business opportunities social workers should consider?  This lunch and learn will discuss the hard truths about multi-level opportunities.  We will define Pyramid Schemes (which are often the way MLM’s are referred) and direct sales; the critical factors in regard to the growth potential of MLMs, and  key factors which determine their success. Are MLMs something social workers should consider? join in tomorrow and make the self-determined decision for yourself.

Sunya Folayan, is a macro social worker in creative practice. She is a Certified Financial Social Worker, who has been an entrepreneur for 35 years. She has seen and experienced the good, the bad and the ugly as an employee, self-employed worker, and as a leveraged income business owner, and she enjoys sharing her experiences to empower others.

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