#MacroSW Social Action Series: Social Planning & Policy Change 2/28/19

By Rachel L. West

Chat transcript

Join #MacroSW Partner Rachel L. West (@poliSW) on February 28th for Social Planning and Policy Change. This chat is a continuation of the social action series. The chat starts at 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST.


Q1a: What is social planning?

Q1b: What is policy change?

Q2: Why should social workers be engaged in policy practice?

Q3: What are some characteristics and objectives of social policy change?

Q4: How can social workers get involved in social planning & policy change?


Community Tool Box, Section 3. Social Planning and Policy Change

Renu Sharma, Social Planning and Social Policy http://bit.ly/2XlS6UL

NASW Lobby Days 2019:

Note NASW state chapters alternate years so not all of the chapters will hold a lobby day in 2019. Additionally, some state chapters have already had their 2019 lobby days.

If you represent an NASW chapter who has an upcoming lobby day that is not listed below, please leave the information, including the URL to register, in the commenting section below.

NASW-CA April 7th-8th https://www.naswca.org/page/164

NASW-NYS March 5th https://naswnys.org/legislation-and-advocacy/lead/

NASW Kentucky March 7th https://www.facebook.com/events/220581482193023/

NASW Arkansas February 28th https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2019-nasw-arkansas-lobby-day-tickets-50225129715

NASW-PA March 25th https://www.nasw-pa.org/page/LEAD

NASW-IL April 3rd http://www.naswil.org/news/chapter-news/featured/sign-up-for-advocacy-day-2019/

NASW-NC March 6th https://www.naswnc.org/page/292

NASW-MO February 27th https://www.nasw-heartland.org/page/MOAdvocacyDay

Nebraska Chapter of NASW March 28th https://www.nasw-heartland.org/page/17

NASW-WA March 8th https://nasw-wa.org/legislative-issues/chapter-legislative-committees/lac/
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