#MacroSW Lunch & Learn 2/26/19: Networking

By Rachel L. West

2_26_19 Lunch_Learn Networking Transcript

2_26_19 Stats Lunch & Learn Networking

Are you job hunting? If you are then one of the most important steps you can take is networking. Join the #MacroSW Lunch & Learn Chat this Tuesday at 12:00 PM EST to chat about professional networking. I’ll (@poliSW) be hosting the half-hour chat that will look at tips for networking in-person and online.


Q1: What in-person networking tips can you share?

Q2: How can you use social media to network?

If you are an experienced professional and are not looking for a new position we invite you to participate and share your wisdom about professional networking.

bout the Lunch & Learn Chats:

Lunch & Learn chats are similar to our Thursday night chats. The 2 key differences are that the Lunch & Learn chats run for 30 minutes and topic focus on macro social work careers. Lunch & Learn chats take place on the Last Tuesday of the month at 12:00 PM EST.

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