Community and Coalition: Making It Happen in Your Neighborhood – #MacroSW Chat Feb. 14, 2019

announcement of Coatioin Building #MacroSW Chat, with quote from Ricardo Levins Morales: "But if you teach me to organize, then whatever the challenge, I canjoin together with my peers and we will fashion our own solution."

Chat transcript

Community organizing is an important skill for all social workers. We’re pleased to have Greer Hamilton, MSW @bougieandfrugal,  a social worker engaged in capacity building, as our guest expert for this chat. Greer works within communities in the Buffalo, New York area to strengthen the safety net of human and social services. The core of her work is to promote  community-based change to eliminate poverty.\.

Collaboration, innovation, and sustainability are crucial components in social change. In her work of building coalition, Greer convenes community stakeholders, including government and education leaders, local citizen groups, nonprofits and other NGOs. Coalitions work collaboratively to address issues and coordinate ways to strengthen connections, while eschewing silos.

During this week’s chat, Greer will share perspectives on being a macro social worker, and we’ll discuss aspects of coalition building.

The hour-long chat starts at 9:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM PST. Host is #MacroSW Chat Contributor @UBSSW (Pat Shelly).

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Discussion questions:

Q1 What does it mean to be a macro social worker?

Q2 What is coalition building?

Q3 Why use coalitions as a community change strategy?

Q4 Do you have an example of (or experience with) a successful coalition in your area?


Video: Day in the Life of Community Social Worker Greer Hamilton 4:56 min. video

There’s a Place for “Us”–How Community Fits Into Social Work, The New Social Worker

Expanding horizons: How macro social work can transform communities on a large scale  College of Saint Scholastica

Social work is booming worldwide – because it’s proven to work, The Guardian

Section 5. Coalition Building I: Starting a Coalition, Community Tool Box

Section 6. Coalition Building II: Maintaining a Coalition, Community Tool Box

Trends in Macro Social Work Education, Social Work Today

Greer Hamilton standing in a conference hall.

Greer Hamilton, MSW, works for the John F. Oishei Foundation’s Mobile Safety-Net Team ( based in Buffalo, NY. Her work as a Community Impact Coordinator with the Mobile Safety-Net Team is focused on coalition and capacity building efforts in the Western New York area.For more about Greer, visit our Guest Expert page:

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