#MacroSW #LunchandLearn for 1/29/19: Tax Advantages of Home- Based Business for Macro Social Workers

lunch and learn with #macrosw january 2019

1_29_19 Lunch_Learn

Sunya Folayan will discuss the tax advantages of home-based business ownership for macro social workers, discuss some important terminology as it relates to taxes and business ownership, and will share tips on structuring transactions to your best tax advantage. Discussion will include why being “self-employed’ is not a good strategy for building wealth. In addition, Sunya will address why macro social workers are uniquely suitable to own their own businesses.

Why should macro social workers start businesses?

What is the intention of the business owner?

Why start a business from home?

Why is tax law like quicksand?

What is the central problem with being “self-employed”?

What makes macro social workers uniquely suitable for home-based business ownership?

Sunya Folayan, MSW, is familiar with business and home-based ownership. Formerly, in private practice, she established a non-profit organization in 1993 which continues to train social workers today,

Sunya is a certified financial social worker, and has chosen a non-traditional path to make change. She shifted the focus of her non-profit to community engagement through the arts, is the owner of a working textile design studio and started a financial self-care business. After 25 years of self-employment, she began building her financial self-care business from home, creating leveraged and passive income. This allows her to better utilize her time and energy on the personal causes she is passionate about, and the social causes in which she feels she can make the most difference. Most recently she has become an owner in the social good B-Corporation: #Macrosw.

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