5 Memorable #MacroSW Chats from 2018

By #MacroSW Chat Partners & Contributors

This is the last blog post of 2018. As such, we thought it would be a great idea to take a look back at the most memorable chats from the past 12 months. Last week we published an article on the top 5 #MacroSW chats of 2018. That post looked at the 5 chats with the most participation. For this article chat partners and contributors were asked to reflect on what chat was most memorable to them.

Note: The link to the transcript for each chat can be found at the top of the chat announcement. 

Alyssa Lotmoreannouncement of the 11-8-18 chat with cswe banner
Chat Contributor

Chat title: It’s #APM18! #MacroSW Chat from the Council on Social Work Education Annual Meeting

I was not at APM 18 (and started the hashtag, #NotAtAPM18), but I had a fantastic time engaging with others and discussing the conference theme through this chat. From the Disney-related gifs (since the conference was in Orlando) to the sharing of information, I felt like I was getting the same level of excitement and content as if I was there.

Karen Zgoda THE TALE poster

Chat title: The Tale Movie Discussion – Partnership with HBO and NASW

This chat was one of our quietest chats of the year with only 411 tweets, 38 participants, and an average of 11 tweets per participant. However, we had 3.23 million impressions! To me this showed that discussing child sexual abuse was important to our chatters and by listening and retweeting, we were having a productive and much-needed discussion. While the #MeToo movement has shown a bright light on the prevalence of sexual harassment, abuse, rape, and other sexual crimes, my hope is that conversations like this chat help the #MacroSW community understand, communicate, advocate, legislate, and fight for justice.

Pat Shelly
Chat Contributor 01-25-18 UsToo_red

Chat title: #UsToo? Sexual Harassment and the Social Work Profession

This chat followed in the wake of the tsunami of activism around the #MeToo movement; with its TIME Magazine cover story and Hollywood revelations, it was front page news for months. We know that social workers are not exempt from perpetrating this violating and traumatic behavior. Kristie Holmes and Melissa Bird of USC were the guest experts for this chat. It was an important topic, and judging from the numbers of students and practitioners we had participating, one that many wanted to learn more about. What I especially appreciated was the overview of legal redress (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, state offices of Human Rights Commission or college offices on equity, diversity, or civil rights) and resources on recent cases involving college (social work and non-social work) faculty – some with heartening results, but many not. By alerting all of us (students in particular) that sexual harassment is a situation they may witness, experience, or be asked what to do about, this chat helps us to deal with this form of sexual violence.  

Rachel L. West
Partner  2018 Sept 27 chat graphic

Chat title: Social Work Voter Mobilization 

I was really excited about this chat as it fulfilled my wish to get Terry Mizrahi as a guest expert. It was also gratifying that the chat was well received. One highlight of the chat was reading about participant’s get out the vote efforts. It’s always great to learn what others are doing.

Stephen Cummings
Partner MacroSW Chat graphic 6 21 2018

Chat title: U.S. Immigration policy, 2018: What must social workers do?

I hosted the chat on June 21 on social workers and U.S. immigration policy. The #MacroSW chat is flexible by design, and I appreciate having the chance to host a conversation on this subject, an ongoing, policy-driven crisis.

Is there a chat form 2018 that was memorable to you? Let us know in the commenting section below or on our Twitter or Facebook page. Use the hashtag #MacroSW2018.

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