Top 5 #MacroSW Chats of 2018

By Rachel L. West

It has been a year of growth form #MacroSW. Chat participation has steadily increased. The average chat now has 61 participants with an average of 1.7 million impressions. In November, following much deliberation and planning, we became a Benefits Corporation in New York State.

As 2018 winds down we want to take a look back at some of our most popular chats. Over the past 12 months, we held 39 chats. The list below is based on chat participation.

  1. Inequality for All w/ @JimmySW on 3/8/18

    Hosted by former Chat Partner Laurel Hitchcock with guest expert Jimmy Young, this chat was a student-focused discussion on income inequality. Participants were encouraged to watch a documentary film, Inequality for All, before the chat.

    Participants: 149
    Impressions: 1,465,000

  2. Social Action 103: Action Planning

    Hosted by Chat Partner Rachel L. West this was the third installment of the Social Action series which will continue in the new year. This chat focuses on writing an action plan.

    Participants: 138
    Impressions: 2,191,000

  3. There is a tie for 3rd place between Why social workers must be at the forefront of the changing healthcare system and Transcending Transphobia: Delivering Affirmative Care.

    Why social workers must be at the forefront of the changing healthcare system was hosted by Chat Contributor Alyssa Lotmore. The chat topic was inspired by the Navigator Program, which is hosted by the University at Albany’s (SUNY) School of Social Welfare.

    Participants: 112
    Impressions: 1,715,000

    Transcending Transphobia: Delivering Affirmative Care Hosted by Chat Contributor Pat Shelly, University at Buffalo School of Social Work with guest expert Fae Johnstone. The chat gave resources on how to support trans clients, and ideas about how we can collectively address the structural factors that perpetuate negative health outcomes in trans communities.

    Participants: 112
    Impressions: 2,744,000

  4. #UsToo?: Sexual Harassment in Social Work Education

    It should perhaps be no surprise that this chat made the top 5. 2018 saw more women coming forward to share their stories of sexual assault and harassment. Chat Contributor, University at Buffalo School of Social Work was joined by guest experts Melissa Bird and Kristie Holmes to talk about sexual harassment in social work education.

Participants: 108
Impressions: 3,684,000

5. U.S. Immigration policy, 2018: What must social workers do?

Hosted by Chat Partner Stephen Cummings this chat was quickly put together in the wake of the family separations occurring at the US border. In addition to discussing the current US immigration policy, the chat focused on the role social workers were playing in implementing these policies.

Participants: 105
Impressions: 5,126,000

We have a lot to look forward to in 2019 and hope you join us. The chats will return the last week of January.


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