#MacroSW: A Benefit Corporation with a Social Work Mission

In March 2014 our first chat was held about the Rothman Report. Today, #MacroSW has more than 4,000 Twitter followers at @OfficialMacroSW and hosted more than 160 chats which have generated millions of media impressions and conversations on the #MacroSW hashtag. Our mission of conversation and content focused on macro social work practice has created an online community where social workers, both clinicians and macro practitioners, can focus on policy, advocacy and social justice issues.

This month, #MacroSW reached an important milestone and we are excited to announce we are now a Benefit Corporation. If you don’t know what a Benefit Corporation check out Ben & Jerry’s video about the B Corp movement.  In a nutshell, we’re a revenue-generating entity with a focus on social responsibility.

This once volunteer Twitter chat effort is now an entity with an entrepreneurial spirit rooted in a social work mission. We will raise funds to grow the #MacroSW online community, develop new content and create conversation around macro social work practice. The Benefit Corporation structure will help us move forward with bigger projects and apply for grants, remain transparent and accountable to our audience, and establish a structure long after the founding partners are gone.

For the social work profession, we’ve always been focused on thinking about applications of macro practice and social work that solves the world’s biggest problems. And remember, no matter what kind of social work you do, you always have a place with us. In the short term, we hope to expand our podcasts, improve our website experience, and deliver more content to help social workers grow and solve problems. We also offer access to our community to like-minded stakeholders to improve people’s lives.

This is a grand adventure and we look forward to sharing it with you. On behalf of the #MacroSW founders and partners, thank you for attending our chats, sharing our content and being a part of the #MacroSW community.  We want to give a special shout out to the University of Buffalo School of Social Work and Pat Shelly and ACOSA who will remain as Chat Contributors but not part of the Benefit Corporation.

We had some past and current collaborators that we are grateful too as well. Laurel Iverson Hitchcock, Network for Social Work Management, USC Dworak-Peck School of Social Work, Social Work Helper, Jeff Fromknecht, Justin Vest and Alyssa Lotmore. Thanks! We look forward to your content contributions in the future. Our chats return on January 31 so until then, happy holidays and here’s to a great 2019!


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