#MacroSW Thoughts on a Macro Focused DSW Program With Chris Petr

Transcript of this chat can be found here.

Join us Thursday November 29th for the last #MacroSW Twitter chat of 2018. Chris Petr, Ph.D from the University of Kansas will be our guest expert. He has served as the Director of UK’s PhD program at the School of Social Welfare. His practice areas include Policy and practice issues in child mental health and child welfare; family-centered practice; professional-consumer relationship. He is currently gathering information on a possible DSW program with a focus on teaching macro practice. This brings us to out chat topic for Thursday night.


What are your thoughts on a DSW Program that focuses on teaching macro practice?




Q1: Do you think there would be a demand for this program?  (We would probably need to enroll 15 per cohort.)

Q2: If yes, would there be more demand for a focus on teaching, or advanced practice, or both?

Q3: If no, what changes would need to be made in the basics above to create the demand?

Q4: The target student population would be current Macro practitioners, either BSW or MSW.

Q5: How do we reach these folks?  E.G., are they NASW members?



The chat starts at 9:00 PM EST. #MacroSW Partner Sunya Folayan (@SunyaFolayan) is hosting. Chris Petr will be tweeting from #MacroSW’s guest expert account (@MacroSWExpert).


Listen to this week’s podcast:

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