#MacroSW 10/25/18: How voter-friendly is your community?

By Rachel L. West

Transcript: 10_25_18_How_Voter_Friendly_is_Your_Community_Tanya_Smith

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We are two weeks away from US midterm elections on November 6th. The United States has one of the lowest voting participation rates among OECD member nations. Only 55.7% of eligible voter in the US cast ballots in the 2016 Presidential election. Additional some states are making it harder for people to register and to actually vote.

Join me (@poliSW) this Thursday (October 25th) to chat about voting rights and making your state more voter-friendly. Tanya Rhodes Smith, MSW (@NAHIPSW) from UConn’s Nancy A. Humphreys Insitute for Political Social Work will be our guest expert.

The chat will discuss the following:

Q1:  We talk a lot about registration, but what makes the act of voting hard for people?

Q2: What policies make voting easier in some communities?

Q3: What can social workers do to combat voter suppression?

Q4: Where can social workers get training on voter mobilization and protecting or strengthening voting rights?


Mobilize voters this election! Voting is social work 2018

Voting from a Systems Perspective

With 19 Days to Midterms, Georgia Is Rejecting Ballots Over Handwriting


League of Woman Voters

Voting is Social Work

The chat starts at 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST.

Listen to this week’s podcast episode:


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