Summary of resources from 6/21/18 #MacroSW chat on U.S. Immigration Policy

On June 21st, the #MacroSW Collaboration held a Twitter chat about U.S. Immigration Policy, specifically relating to the current practice of separating children and families at the southern U.S. border. The original blog post summarizing the topic and objectives is available here.  

Over 100 people participated in the chat, with over 1000 posts responding to the posted questions. As is the nature of these Twitter chats, professionals from across the spectrum of social work research and practice engaged in the chat that was spirited and constructive We are especially grateful to have had a representative of the National Association of Social Workers among our participants.

The transcript for the June 21 chat can be found here. This particular chat transcript comprises 75 pages. Below is a summary of some of the information and resources shared during the chat, provided to help facilitate access to resources and to encourage people to keep engaging with the social work community to help further address this issue. 

Summary of current events


Social Work position:

  • The NASW CEO, Angelo McClain, spoke out against the separation of immigrant children and their families at a press conference on June 20th. The video is available on the NASW’s Facebook page here.
  • NASW: We should actively advocate within our states and local jurisdictions as a national policy.



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