#SaturdaySchool & #MacroSW Present #SoJustProfiling: 5/31 at 9pm EST & 6/2 at 9am EST


Our chat this week on racial profiling is a collaboration between #SaturdaySchool and #MacroSWand will also use the Twitter hashtag #SoJustProfiling. The chat will be led by #SaturdaySchool‘s host Rhonda Ragsdale (@profragsdale).


Rhonda Ragsdale is a social justice educator and international consultant, working in fields that range from tech and cultural relations to food justice. With advanced degrees in History and Sociology from Rice University, Prof. Ragsdale served as an Associate Professor of History at Lone Star College from 2008-2013 before establishing her independence as a consultant, researcher, educator and activist. At Lone Star College, Ragsdale co-founded the Center for Diversity Studies and the White Oak Community Garden, along with an innovative, system-level Honors curriculum based on hybrid, team-taught learning communities, while also leading the development of a system-level online History course.  It was during this time that Prof Ragsdale initiated the weekly, social justice teach-in #SaturdaySchool. Each week, a different topic or aspect of social justice work is addressed at a #SaturdaySchool hashtag, along with other promoted hashtags. Ragsdale’s dissertation research matured into The Black Towns Archive an effort to preserve and promote the stories of over 200 historically black towns in the United States. She presently serves on the Board of Directors for The Black Towns Project and also for the FRESH Foundation, which provides education and awareness of sustainable horticulture. Prof Ragsdale presently divides her time between consulting on international education and culture, curriculum development, and organic gardening. She delivers frequent talks, radio addresses, podcasts and interviews, while also managing the popular social justice website Funk & Beans.


Here are questions we will discuss:

  1. Have you experienced racial profiling? If so, please feel free to share your experience.    
  2. What is profiling?
  3. Why is profiling such a problem?
  4. How common is biased and harmful profiling?
  5. What can we do about profiling?

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