Build your #MacroSW Toolbox with Community Tool Box – 9/28/17 at 9pm EST

Chat archive now available!

The Community Tool Box,, is a public service of the University of Kansas Center for Community Health and Development. The Tool Box provides free, how-to resources for those working to improve community change and improvement.

From community members, teachers and trainers, TA providers and evaluators, NGOs, the private sector, funders, and local, national, and international agencies, the audiences that use the Community Tool Box are broad, with a wide reach. In the past year, the CTB has reached six million unique users in nearly every country in the world.

The purpose of the Community Tool Box is to build capacity for this work—to make it easier for people to bring about change and improvement in their communities. The Community Tool Box connects people with resources for learning the many skills required for this work and applying this knowledge in diverse cultures and contexts.

People can change the world. Our vision is of people – locally and globally – supported in taking action together to change conditions that affect their lives.

Here are questions we will discuss:

  1. What community capacities do you wish to build?
  2. What community-building resources are communities seeking?
  3. Are there Community Tool Box resources that you have used in your work? How?
  4. Are there ways you’d like to contribute to the Community Tool Box?

Chat Resources:

  1. Community Tool Box:
  2. Community Tool Box motiongraphic video:
  3. Global Journal of Community Psychology article:

Build Your Tool Box:

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