#MacroSW Twitter Chat 4-27-2017 Resistance Strategies for the Long Haul


We have collectively survived the first 100 days of a new presidential administration. We have protested, demanded town hall meetings, written letters,  organized petitions thorough social media, increased and decreased time on our smartphones and have found creative ways to commiserate with and inspire one another. We have developed new curricula, increased our advocacy and watched- sometimes in disbelief at the ever unfolding political and social chain of events.

The good news is that we can make change, start or stop a movement and it doesn’t take a lot of people to do so.

We are addressing the issue of self care periodically in #MacroSW, not only because it’s a timely topic but a necessary one. How do we sustain ourselves, but also how do we sustain movements of resistance? In order to resist oppression, injustice, inequality,In order to continue our work and to make it sustainable, however, we must be strategic about what we are doing, who we ally ourselves with and and how we organize. We need synergy and sustainability.

Here are the questions to ponder for this week’s chat:

What are the greatest challenges ahead?

Name a self care tactic, and a greater resistance tactic that works for you.

Is social work leading movements of resistance? Why or why not?s

What are your practice priorities in terms of sustainable resistance?

Bring your ideas and actions to the chat, as well as resources you find valuable to share.

Perhaps the following articles will inspire a shift in mind or action:





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