Media Night – Bullied: The Jamie Nabozny Story #MacroSW Chat 4/20 at 9pm EST

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Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 10.52.22 AM.pngFor our April 20th Media Night Chat, we will discuss the short documentary film Bullied: A Student, A School and a Case That Made History. The documentary features the story of Jamie Nabozny. While attending high school in Wisconsin, Nabozny suffered persistent, unchecked anti-gay attacks and harassment by classmates. For Nabozny, this abuse was understandably highly traumatic; however, as shown in the documentary, Nabozny was able to hold the school accountable for failing to acknowledge the true nature of the abuse. As the Southern Poverty Law Center states in its materials for this film, “anti-gay bullying is wrong – morally and legally.”

Bullied was produced by the Southern Policy Law Center, as part of their Teaching Tolerance program.

To prepare for this chat, please view short documentary, “Bullied: The Jamie Nabozny Story” at this link:
Here are some questions we hope to discuss during the chat:

  1. What issue from the video was most interesting to you and why?
  2. In what ways did Jamie’s system fail him?
  3. What are common misconceptions about bullying?
  4. For macro social workers, what are the key areas we need to address when we encounter bullying?
  5. What ethical duties do we have as social workers when we encounter bullying in our work environment (example: addressing the bystander effect?)
  6. What steps can we as social workers take to eliminate bullying from our schools?
  7. What other impressions of the film do you have?


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Jamie Nabozny’s Official Homepage:

The Southern Policy Law Center, (2010, September 23),  “‘Bullied’ Offers Lessons for Students, Educators.”

Teaching Tolerance: A Project of the Southern Policy Law Center.


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