Documentary Movie Night 5/26/16 – Between Worlds: Immigrant Women and Domestic Violence

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For our May 2016 Documentary Movie Night, we will be watching Between Worlds: Immigrant Women and Domestic Violence produced by the Penn Program on Documentaries & the Law and winner of the Virtual Ovation Award at the Council on Social Work Education’s 2014 Virtual Film Festival.

Here is the description of the movie from the Penn Program on Documentaries & the Law’s website (@DocuLaw):Between Worlds

This video focuses on the unique challenges immigrant women face in navigating the road to independence that arise from language barriers, cultural differences, social isolation, and economic insecurity stemming from their inability to obtain legal employment. Five brave survivors of domestic violence describe the hurdles they faced in escaping abusive circumstances, accessing social and legal services, and attaining legal immigration status. Social workers, health care providers, law enforcement officers, and lawyers who wish to assist immigrant victims of domestic violence should find this video useful.

Here is a link the movie (19 minutes): You can watch the movie for free.

This movie tells the stories of five women who immigrated to the United States and then experienced domestic violence in a country where they did not speak the language and were without support of family.  As you watch the movie, put on your #MacroSW hat and think about some of the policy, research and other macro-level issues that surround the individuals and families in this movie.

Here are the questions we hope to discuss during the chat:

  1. From the movie, what are some of the challenges for immigrant women who were victims of domestic violence? What ab their children?
  2. What are some macro-level approaches to addressing the challenges faced by immigrant women who are also victims of domestic violence?
  3. What do you think is the most important policy issue affecting immigrant women who experience domestic violence? Why?
  4. What do you think most Americans don’t realize about immigrant women living in the US who are also victims of domestic violence?
  5. What single word best describes how the film made you feel?
  6. What’s next? How do we as social workers address the challenges experienced by immigrant women who experience domestic violence?

About #MacroSW:

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