The Key to Macro Change

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By Rachel L. West

The next #MacroSW Twitter Chat will take place on December 10th at 9:00 PM EST. The Topic will be Social Capital: The Key to Macro Change. Jeff Fromknecht (@Sideprojectinc) will be our special guest host. He will be joined by Dr. Al Condeluci, (@acondeluci) and Jamie Curran (@JamieVCurran). They are the lead organizers of the Interdependence Network. The Interdependence Network (IN) is a collective impact effort made up of human service organizations from around the United States, Canada and Australia. Member agencies have committed to shifting their emphasis from the traditional medical model approach to rehabilitation, to an interdependence model, which builds and fosters social capital and social inclusion within communities as the primary strategy for enabling people with disabilities to become full members of society.

The chat will explore interdependence and social capital, and the role these concepts play in macro change.


Organizational Self-Assessment – What Type of Community is Your Organization Building

Al Condeluci’s Tedx Pittsburgh Talk on Social Capital and the Power of Relationships

Resources about social capital can be found on the Interdependence Network website

About us:

#MacroSW is a collaboration of social workers, organizations, social work schools, and individuals working to promote macro social work practice. Macro social work practice focuses on changing larger systems, such as communities and organizations. It encompasses a broad spectrum of actions and ideas, ranging from community organizing and education to legislative advocacy and policy analysis. The chats are held bimonthly on Twitter on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 9 p.m. EST (6 p.m. PST).

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