#MacroSW Chat November 12: A Social Entrepreneurial Approach to Supporting Veterans


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Join us for #MacroSW Twitter chat, A Social Entrepreneurial Approach to Supporting Veterans, on Thursday, November 12 at 9 pm EST (6 pm Pacific) with guests from MTI Integrated Business Development, Inc. (@MTIIBD), Wendell J. Knight, LMSW, CSWM, Chief Executive Officer and Noel Dunn, Veteran and Veteran’s Greenhouse Manager.

Veterans and service members face many challenges ranging from mental health and substance use disorders to unemployment and readjustment to civilian life after service. Now more than ever we need to look for solutions that can have the greatest impact in our work with veterans and many other populations. Social entrepreneurship has emerged in recent decades as a self-sustaining approach to addressing social problems. This mix of profitable enterprise and an entity that can enact social change has shown promise. Social workers have the skills and can be at the forefront of creating social enterprises to positively impact our communities.

On this chat we will feature MTI Integrated Business Development, Inc. as an example of how social entrepreneurship is meeting the needs of veterans, specifically around employment and work readiness. We’ll also discuss veterans’ unique needs and explore how social workers can apply social entrepreneurship in our work.

About MTI Integrated Business Development, Inc.

MTI Integrated Business Development, Inc. (MTI IBD) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2010 which creates employment opportunities for veterans. MTI blends the practices of entrepreneurship and social work to achieve social impact. Specifically, MTI scales social purpose businesses in ways that simultaneously strengthen the social services offered to veterans. Learn more at http://www.mtinj.org/.

Here are questions to be explored:

  1. What does MTI Integrated Business Development, Inc. do and how was this organization started?
  2. How has MTI Integrated Business Development, Inc. a social entrepreneurial approach been successful in helping veterans?
  3. What are some of the greatest challenges in serving veterans and doing good while sustaining profitable businesses?
  4. Let’s discuss some of the biggest challenges/successes for veterans and how we as social workers can support them in our community.
  5. What can social workers do to apply a social entrepreneurial approach to solving big community problems?

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