#MacroSW Chats Returns – On Twitter Thursday at 9pm EST!

Update 1/13/2015: Chat archive here! Pat collected chat resource highlights:

  • Psychiatry after Ferguson, by Jonathan Metzl: bit.ly/1u0kefB
  • Undoing Racism Internship Project [Video] “I am a Social Worker. And I am ACCOUNTABLE.” bit.ly/1srvoJb
  • What’s Race Got to Do with It? http://www.whatsrace.org/pages/dialogues.htm
  • Support the Ferguson Public Library: ferguson.lib.mo.us
  • Emotional Emancipation Circles: “self-help groups in which we as Black people can work together to overcome and overturn the lie of Black inferiority–the root cause of the devaluing of Black lives.” bit.ly/1BRr49h
  • Schools of Social Work offer statements on Ferguson, Black Lives Matter – from website of Council on Social Work Education: cswe.org/Meetings/75592.aspx (this is not a complete list)
  • #FergusonSyllabus on Twitter
  • #FergusonSyllabus Resources from Karen Zgoda: http://karenzgoda.org/2014/11/29/fergusonsyllabus-resources/
  • “Preparing the Profession to Address Structural Racism” – a proposal that is part of the Grand Challenges Initiative for the American Academy of Social Work & Social Welfare: bit.ly/1DBI446
  • See another Grand Challenges proposal on “Creating Healthy Roots: Design & Implement Curriculum for Recognizing & Removing Institutionalized, Racialized Policies & Practices within Social Work Systems Given Its Negative Impact on People of Color:” bit.ly/1u0mYcE 
  • Blog posts related to #Ferguson: “On #Ferguson and Social Work:” bit.ly/14Ryjjs; “Unrest in Ferguson a Human Response:” bit.ly/1BVhkcN ; “The Michael Brown Shooting: Why the Requirement for ‘Perfect’ Victims is about Race:” bit.ly/1IF39ZF

*Check out this link for the archive of most of our past #MacroSW chats: macrosw.wordpress.com/

#MacroSW Chats Returns – The Political Social Worker.

#MacroSW Chats returns Thursday January 8th at 9:00 PM EDT/ 6:00 PM PDT.  This is the first chat of the new year. DeAndrea Blaylock-Johnson (@ChrSexMaven) will be our guest expert. We will be discussing #Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter. The University at Buffalo’s School of Social Work will be moderating. You can send questions to @UBSSW.

#MacroSW chats is a collaboration between the Association for Community Organizations and Social Administration (ACOSA), Karen Zgoda, Instructor at Bridgewater State University, The University at Buffalo – School of Social Work, USC – School of Social Work, and the Network for Social Work Management (NSWM). Chats take place on Twitter on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.

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