Transcript from 11/20/14 Chat

The 2014 Midterm Elections: Implications for Social Work

You read the transcript from the November 20th chat below.

Special #MacroSW Chat Nov. 20th at 9PM EST 0 Midterm Elections

While voter participation in midterm elections is typically low, voter turnout for the 2014 midterms was the lowest in more than seven decades. The results of the midterms will have a significant impact on the people and communities social workers serve.

Come January the Republicans will take control of both chambers of the United States Congress. While many conservative candidates were victorious on November 4th, a few progressive ballot measures still managed to pass.

Alaska, Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska, and North Carolina all passed ballot initiatives that will increase the minimum wage in those states. Legalization of marijuana passed in three states, Alaska, the District of Columbia, and Oregon.  Additionally Colorado and North Dakota both voted no on personhood amendments.  Of course the big news of the night was the Republican takeover of the Senate and their continued control of the House of Representatives. This has left many of us wondering what the implications will be for social work.

Alliance for Justice (AFJ) has already begun exploring how the nonprofit sector should respond as has Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ). Immediately following Election Day AFJ and NPQ published posts on how the results could affect the work the nonprofit sector carries out.  NPQ compiled a list of issues that may well be on the agenda of the 114th Congress.

On Thursday November 20th at 9:00 PM EST there will be a special #MacroSW chat on this topic. Rachel West will be moderating (@poliSW). The chat will discuss the implications for social work and what the professions response should be.

If you have never participated in a Twitter chat, there is no need to worry.  You simple go to the search box and enter the hashtag #MacroSW and then click on “all.” To join in the discussion make sure you include #MacroSW in all your tweets, including replies.

#MacroSW chats usually takes place on Twitter on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. The chat is a collaboration between the Association for Community Organization and Social Administration (ACOSA), The Network for Social Work Management (NSWM), USC School of Social Work, the University at Buffalo School of Social Work, and Karen Zgoda, Instructor of Social Work at Bridgewater State University.

Special thank you to Justin Vest (@justin_vest ) for suggesting the topic.

Follow-up to 10/28 #MacroSW Twitter Chat | Teaching Social Work

Hey folks, check out the great experience and write-up about one of our recent chats! Thank you Laurel!

How do you get social work students passionate about policy issues?  Jimmy Young and I have an answer for you – live Twitter chats!  We were overwhelmed with the response from social work educators and students to our live Twitter Chat last Tuesday, October 28th.  My best estimate is that close to 200 people, mostly students from at least six universities across the country, participated in our one-hour chat about income inequality.  You can read a copy of the transcript from the chat here.  What I observed during the chat was that students were engaged in open, thoughtful and respectful conversations about the problems in our country due to the wide income gap between the rich and poor.

via Follow-up to 10/28 #MacroSW Twitter Chat | Teaching Social Work.

Participate in the Social Work and Business #MacroSW Twitter Chat the Network is hosting on Thursday November 13th! | Network for Social Work Management

Participate in the Social Work and Business #MacroSW Twitter Chat the Network is hosting on Thursday November 13th! | Network for Social Work Management.

It has been said the MSW is the new MBA, but to make this a true reality and for social workers to no longer lose ground in obtaining leadership positions, we need to be better equipped with essential business skills to function and thrive. Join us Thursday at 6 PM PDT/ 9 PM EDT for the Social Work and Business  #MacroSW chat with Andrew J. Germak, Network for Social Work Management board member, author and professor and founding executive director of the Center for Leadership and Management, at the School of Social Work at Rutgers, we’ll explore:

  • The evolving role of the social work manager
  • The business skills social work managers must have
  •  Learning the basics of financial and talent management, board development and relations and marketing

While our time in graduate school teaches us how to think, when you move into the real world your education never stops. Here are some questions we will explore in the #MacroSW chat:

1. Do all social workers need business skills?
2. What is the best way to go about learning these MBA type skills? i.e. accounting, finance, marketing
3. Should I earn an MBA in addition to an MSW degree?
4. How have you seen your role in the social work profession evolve since graduation?

For instructions on how to participate in a Twitter Chat please read:


  • Andrew Germak’s book: Essential Business Skills for Social Work Managers
  • Ashoka – a global organization supporting and promoting the work of social entrepreneurs and so-called “changemakers” focused on solving complex social problems through innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review – a scholarly magazine and website published by the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford University, which include cutting-edge articles on entrepreneurship and innovation in the social sector.
  • Financial Management Resources for Nonprofits – The National Council of Nonprofits hosts on its website an expansive listing of nonprofit financial management tools, tips, and resource articles, including those related to budgeting, financial policies, cash flow issues, and internal control practices.
  • Nonprofit Finance Fund – a financial advisory firm focused on the nonprofit sector, which publishes the annual State of the Sector surveyon the financial health of the nonprofit sector in the United States.
  • BoardSource – an organization that helps develop the capacity of nonprofit boards of directors and executive management teams.  Much of BoardSource’s offerings are fee-based, but there is also some useful information available for free on its website.
  • Bridgestar – an initiative of the Bridgespan Group, a popular nonprofit sector consultancy, offering articles and tools related to talent acquisition, management, and retention in the nonprofit sector.  The website also features a comprehensive job board for open management, board member, and executive positions.
  • GuideStar – a clearing house of information related to the U.S. nonprofit sector, including downloadable Internal Revenue Service Form 990s and various free articles related to managing people and other aspects of nonprofit management.  Create an account for free to view and download content.
  • NonProfit Marketing Blog – a popular blog site sponsored by Network for Good that includes almost daily posts on various topics to help enhance your organization’s marketing strategy.
  • Communications Consortium Media Center – a public interest group dedicated to helping nonprofits use media and new technologies effectively.The website includes tips on writing op-ed columns and letters to the editor as well as submission criteria for op-ed and letter submissions to America’s top 100 newspapers.
  • The Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF) – an intermediary venture philanthropy-type organization that funds and helps to develop social enterprises.  The website contains business planning and other helpful tools.  Registration is free, but necessary to access the tools.
  • Compensation Advice for Nonprofits– Pete Smith, former president, CEO, and chairman of Watson Wyatt Worldwide (now known as Towers Watson), a global human resource consulting firm, now runs a boutique consultancy and maintains a blog geared toward nonprofits.  A good resource for making compensation decisions for your business plan or otherwise.

via Participate in the Social Work and Business #MacroSW Twitter Chat the Network is hosting on Thursday November 13th! | Network for Social Work Management.

Special #MacroSW Chat October 28th at 8pm CST


UPDATE: This Chat was truly amazing. We hope to do this again as we have had spectacular feedback. If you are interested, you can check out this link to see the Chat archive.

The Live Chat questions will include:

  1. What is happening today in terms of distribution of wealth? Why is it happening? What do you see happening and what are the causes?
  2. When do you think inequality becomes a problem?
  3. If the government sets the rules for how the market functions, who do these rules benefit or hurt?
  4. Who is looking out for the American worker? Who do you think should be and what could be done?
  5. After watching the film, do you agree/disagree with the idea of equal opportunity and the American Dream?
  6. What do you think most Americans don’t realize about income Inequality?
  7. What single word best describes how the film made you feel?
  8. What’s next? How…

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